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The core focus of an investor in raising a commercial building is either running his own show or to rent out the same facility to scores of other businesses in order to earn a secure, steady and permanent monthly income in term of rent. In both of the above cited circumstances the need is to maintain a commercial building in most sophisticated a fashion keeping all its amenities, facilities and relevant equipments intact. In this era of global competitiveness; the prime concern is elegant facilities and Smart individuals, so that they may catch the eyes of Masses and able to generate what they are supposed to. Construction of elegant looking, aesthetic Skyline commercial buildings equipped with high-tech, Sophisticated expensive equipments and systems is in fact an outcome of this very approach and factually speaking, it is the right approach. In order to gain the best available profitable options in the open market, it seems all wise and just to had this job of maintenance over to some one with professional vision and ground breaking expertise.


Shopping Malls are the business hub generating Revenue and employment for many and Contributing In the exchequer. Beauty holds the eyes of human and has its soothing Effect. Elegantly raised shopping mall, equipped with expensive, Modernized, sophisticated equipments and systems, increase the selling and rental worth of the said property. Resulting in a success story with enormous increase in number of buyers, tenants and shop owners. Consequently, profit driving venue for business doers. Shopping Mall is such a place that always goes with people from Dawn till Dusk and it is a painful assignment coupled with lots of intricacies. Proper Housekeeping and maintenance of equipments and fixtures are two major tasks with zero level tolerance. It is highly desirable to let the professionals handle the job, it needs, precision, timings and calculations. Smart People do smart jobs


Modern Hospitals world over been designed And constructed to cater and address all The Human health and medication Needs. These facilities are well equipped with sophisticated, expensive, And high –tech buildings and biomedical Equipments and systems and above all the core version is hygienic and healthy environment., Without these the confidence level of the Patients, and their family and friends cannot be ascertained. A hospital not only serves the medical needs of the society but even generates revenues that are utilized in meeting expenses and further expansions. By every passing day, the need to have excellent hospitals is on the rise. The focal point is that in a hospital there is no second chance, when we talk of equipments, laboratories, theaters then the precision of these equipments and places is desirable at the highest level;, as we are talking of human lives. The mater of reliability, professionalism and sustainable reputation relies on the services and facilities. It is imperative to let Professionals handle these facilities and maintain them in accordance with the relevant standards.


Industries involved in Manufacturing are being pushed by economic challenges to reduce their manufacturing cost in order to be competitive in the market. They keep scores of challenges on board. The cost of production can be controlled by adopting various new methods and means but what about the cost of facility management as a lot of is spent in managing manufacturing facilities accordingly to run the day to day operations. The best way is to involve a businesses partner as facility manager who knows the job and get it done in an integrated manner. It saves cost, effort and time and draw life long results.


One of the most important meeting places in every social surrounding where people from all walks of life come for Recreational And entertainment purpose with their family And friends. Local Government and private sectors invest a huge sum in building recreational parks at every corner of the localities. It does provide a fresh breeze for the ones who visit on the one hand and generate a handsome income through entry tickets and fee for different paid games, rides play areas. It is to be noted that these facilities keep open and covered areas at the same time and place and are needed to be maintained and managed, especially in different weather conditions. it requires extensive Maintenance of all equipments and Fixtures and House Keeping round the clock as the service timings are in long hours.


Hotels, Motels, Guest Houses and Guest Inns are those places where people form scores of nationalities, culture, countries and geographical locations meet and treat one another. The Travel Tourism industry of any and every country based upon beautifully located, smartly built, timely managed and upgraded Hotels. The most important point that is to be pondered is the aesthetic sense linked with High-tech, expensive and sophisticated Equipments and systems. Traveling industry is expanding by leaps and bounds round the globe and by every passing day the prevailing size appears on the rise. In many countries, Pakistan is no exception, private sector is even investing and exploring in new avenues and new facets. It is a flourishing and profitable business but needs extreme sophistication in handling and maintenance; If any equipment or service goes out-figured then virtual and financial loss is ascertained. it requires extensive House Keeping and maintenance of all equipments, systems And Fixtures. People want home away from home. It is sincerely advisable, not to go for any second thoughts and hand the sensitive task of Facility management over to a professional organization where people know the worth and value of your customers and your reputation.


Schools, Colleges, Universities and other academic Institutions are places of social and futuristic value., It has been observed that in past only Government, at Federal and provincial level, was involved in constructing, running and maintaining these institutions but in present era many private varsities have changed the perceptive value of a conventional educational institution; and now students are well aware of the facilities that are supposed to be offered by the Administration. Students do count the campus, landscapes, facilities, furniture and fixture along with the tutorial excellence of these Institutions. These academic avenues are a pivotal landmark for immediate employment opportunities and revenue generation. The nucleus in the case of these facilities is that, once you talk of students then this portion of our society is always dynamic, articulate and passionate. They appreciate and depreciate at the same time. If they are not given what has been promised then they would not leave any stone unturned in order to turn the tables against you. It is better not to risk your rapport and once you loose!! you loose forever!!! and let the job of facility maintenance be handled by some one professionally qualified and experienced in the same.


Stadiums and sports complexes are designed And built with the touch of dexterity and beauty to cater the needs and requirements of the sportsmen, the games being played and the people walk in to accommodate themselves while witnessing the performance of the players and pace of the game. It is worth noting that these sports complexes bring forward the healthy cultural values in a society vis-a-vis generate huge revenues and pave the way towards employment opportunities for hundred of individuals. A well maintained and decorated sports complex/stadium attracts International event Managers and Highly respected sponsors which results in harnessing international sports tournaments. It is next to improbable to leave any loop in maintenance and up-gradation of these facilities and the peculiar feature is that these facilities are used by hundred of thousands of people at the same time. We need very efficient and professional facility manager who knows the job and the rules of the game.


A densely crowded, highly secured and heavily guarded venue where people gather from within and beyond National boundaries to travel to specific Destinations. It is such a facility which operates on 24 hours clock and needed to be operative round the clock without measuring day and night. Airports around the world are equipped with Conveyor belts, lifting equipments, vehicles, Radars, Security check equipments, Sensors Of different types, Fire Alarm systems and other Safety equipments along with facility equipments And systems installed. Airports at very nook of the World are beautifully designed and constructed. All the airports round the globe work on zero tolerance and malfunctioning of any equipment, service and facilitation cannot be tolerate as it appears as a matter of national and international security. It is needed to maintain these facilities without any interruptions and hook-ups, swift and smooth operations are not the requirements but the necessity without any alternative. A professional organization with a strong flair in sensitive facility management is to be appointed to take over the facility in align with standard operating procedures.